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Pastoral Care

The events of your life can be exciting, and the events in your life can be overwhelming, painful and sad. In those events, our pastor and our church want to celebrate with you and pray for you in those difficult times. We will alert those in our prayer ministry so they can pray for you.

Please contact us via email at, call the office Monday to Thursday (9 am – 2 pm), and in case of an emergency, you can email the pastor at

or text the pastor at (856) 381-1395.


Prayer Ministry
“Pray without ceasing” – 1 Thessalonians 5
Prayer is powerful and is the constant conversation with God, as our first response to our life and living. At Clonmell, we know that prayer is what changes our approach to living and our relationship with God. Intercessory prayer, praying on behalf of one another, is a significant part of our Sunday morning worship experience and every day life. If you wish to include a concern on our prayer list, please email and know that these concerns will be remembered in prayer by our prayer ministry, members of the Clonmell congregation.

If you have an immediate need, you can contact a member of our prayer ministry via and they will contact others who will pray for you. We are a family at Clonmell and want to pray for you.

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