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Sunday Morning Worship Services

If they kept quiet, the stones along the road would burst into cheers!”

- Jesus correcting the religious teachers’ perspective on worship.

Times & Location

Clonmell has two services as well as our services are online.

In person worship & online services begin at 8:30 & 10 AM

Find us on Facebook & YouTube for both services. Be sure to let us know you are with us online by making a comment or filling out our online connect card.


What to Expect

Masks & social distancing are required for all in person services.

Come a little early to park, come in and get settled. Feel free to bring coffee in with you. 

No need to wear your fancy church clothes unless that is what you choose. 

Worship is one of the significant expressions of our love for God. We have a blended worship with more contemporary songs and hymns. Our worship humbly led by Judy Gatanis with Crystalrose Colvin playing the piano or lending her voice; which brings a soulful and joyful perspective to God’s grace, our faith, and our vision for our mission.

Yet, when we worship, when we are focusing all of our gratitude on who God is (the Trinity) and who we are in relationship to God, while disrupting our approach to people, we are not making this worship about us and what we prefer. Worship was not created by God so we can consume what we prefer but worship was created to cultivate our faith, our relationships with God and others. Worship is one of our ways to provide a safe place for those who are far from God and who are far from the church. Worship is transformational; worship becomes a starting point for our faith, where we are allowed and supposed to ask questions about faith and to express
doubts, and where you can come as you are. We engage in worship and mission so we can be encouraged, disrupted, and compelled to create opportunities for people to connect in relationship with Jesus and others, be cultivated in those relationships and care for our communities in the name of Jesus.

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