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Staff at Clonmell

Chuck Mitchell, Lead Pastor

Crystalrose Colvin, Co-Director for Worship
Janice Flask, Nursery Coordinator
Lani Cole-Mitchell, Church Administrator


I have been a landscaper, worked construction, delivered pizza, was a lifeguard, a camp counselor, worked for Camden County probation, and various other jobs. I have found my niche’, my calling as a pastor, only because of God’s purpose, plan and spiritual gifts. I’ve done most of my growing and raising my children in the Gloucester Country area. I have been in smaller towns my entire life, towns just like Gibbstown. I have love and affection for those communities, because they respond in love and care for one another as a community. Which is why I love the church. The church is called to be a community that loves and cares for one another and for others in our greater community, because of the God who sustains us, of the Jesus who saves us through the cross and resurrection, and the Holy Spirit who empowers us.

This is who I am. I love the church. I love to cast a vision for our ministry. I love to develop leaders. I love smaller group discussions. I love to talk about stewardship. I love to create new ministries and develop leaders around it. I love to share the story of God’s grace and forgiveness for the world. I am married to Lani Cole-Mitchell, who is the director of worship at St. John’s United Methodist Church and administrator at Old Pine Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia. Between us, we have four children: Nathan, 23 years old, Samantha, 21 years old, Luke, 17 years old, and Gabriella, 5 years old. I have been a United Methodist pastor in the Greater New Jersey Conference sinceI was 23 years old, 27 years. In those 27 years, I have been appointed to churches in Salem County, the associate pastor at St. John’s United Methodist Church (UMC) in Turnersville, the lead spiritual support counselor with Samartian Healthcare & Hospice, and the lead pastor at Dobbins Memorial UMC. Now, I am with you. I am grateful for this and for all of you.

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Judy Gatanis, Co-Director for Worship

Lives in Gibbstown and member of Clonmell United Methodist Church for 52 years.

Married to Tim Gatanis  / two daughters, Rebekah and Deanna and two granddaughters, Jade and Presley.

Been in the choir at Clonmell for 50 years (about 29 years under the direction of my mother, Peg Falen) and as choir director for the past 16 years.  She has served the church in many capacities in the past as Sunday school teacher, children’s choir director, Bible School teacher, and church Sexton for many years.

She is blessed to be part of this wonderful church family for so many years and look forward to many more.

Ministry Support

Dana Craft, Lead for our Church Lay Leadership
John Hudson, Personnel Ministry
John Higgins, Building and Maintenance Ministry
Lisa Harvey – Cicione, Lead for Finance Team
Diane Corradetti & Doug Craft, Loaves and Fishes Ministry
Don Tomalino: Greeting and Hosts Ministry

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